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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chain of Detonation/ Explosive Train

Chain of Detonation/ Explosive Train

Initiator /Igniter 
It is used initiate the detonation sequence e.g Flame, Friction, Striker, Chemical etc. 

Delay Device 
It is device to provide required delay. e.g safety fuse, clock, timer, switch, remote control, etc. Switches are four i.e Push Switch, Pull Switch, Push to release, Pull to Release Switch. 

Blasting Cap/ Detonator. 
A Detonator is a device , Consisting of primary high Explosive , used to trigger an explosive device. Detonator can be chemically, mechanically or electrically initiated, the latter two being the most common. Detonators are of two type i.e Electrical & non Electrical. 

When amount of main charge is very huge a booster is used between blasting Cap and main charge. Blasting Cap detonates the booster and then booster further detonates the main charge (For huge blast only other wise not required) 

Main charge 
Insensitive High Explosive or Secondary High Explosive Sometime mixed with low Explosive is used as Main Charge e.g TNT, RDX, PETN Dynamite etc.

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