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Friday, December 31, 2010

Consolidated Listing of UNDP Projects in Pakistan

On going
PAK/96/015 Women in Urban Credit
PAK/96/016 Facilitating Women’s Mobility
PAK/96/017 Gender Programme Support Project
PAK/96/011 Supporting Democratic Electoral Process
PAK/96/13 Rural Women’s Enterprise Development
PAK/96/014 Portrayal of Women in Media
Maternal and Child Health PAK/97/025
Gender Equality Umbrella Project PAK/99/005
Women and Employment PAK/97/020

Sustainable Livelihoods
On going
PAK/90/013 Federal Support Unit for Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation
PAK/91/014 Bunyad for the Punjab
PAK/91/016 Private Sector Education
PAK/92/006 National Rural Support Programme
PAK/92/G31 Fuel Efficiency in Road Transport (Detailed page)
PAK/93/006 Kasur Tanneries Pollution Control Project
PAK/94/G61 Institutional Strengthening Project - Montreal Protocol
PAK/95/006 Sustainable Development Network Programme (SDNP)
PAK/96/005 Area Development Programme, AJK
PAK/96/006 Area Development Programme, Balochistan
PAK/96/026 Northern Areas Development Project
RAS/96/600 Regional Poverty Alleviation Programme
PAK/97/005 Sustainable Urban Livelihoods Programme (PLUS)
PAK/97/008 Solid Waste Management Programme (SWEEP)
PAK/97/G42 Commercialization of Wind Power Protection in Pakistan
PAK/98/G31 Mountain Areas Conservancy Project (MACP)
PAK/98/G41 Balochistan Juniper Forest Conservation
PAK/99/G41 Conservation of Four Representative Protected Areas
PAK/99/G42 Protection and Management of Pakistan Wetlands
PAK/99/G43 Conservation of Habitats&Species of Global Significance

In Pipeline
PAK/96/008 Sustainable use of Drylands
PAK/96/012 Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods Programme Support
PAK/97/G41 Commercialization of Renewable Energy

Regional Ongoing
RAS/92/G33 Asia Least Cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy
RAS/92/071 Programme on Asian Cooperation for Energy and the Environment
RAS/93/068 Awareness Creation for Sustainable Development
RAS/96/660 Enhancing Regional Cooperation in South Asia Through Collaboration in Energy and

RAS/97/063 Regional Governance Programme
RAS/97/090 Asia Pacific Development Information Development

Approved Projects of Pakistan

Approved Projects:
PAK/98/005-- Support to Good Governance Group
PAK/98/011-- Pakistan Action Research and Development in Governance and Management (PARADIGM)
PAK/96/030 -- Management Development Programme: The objective of this preparatory assistance (PA), the successor to the PAK/93/501 programme,  is to support the design and implementation of policy, strategic and operational level initiatives for improving governance systems in Pakistan. The project has provided a catalytic input for designing most of the initiatives which have been launched independently under the Governance programme of UNDP.
PAK/97/006 -- NWFP Institutional Reforms Programme: This PA aims at capacity building within GoNWFP to design and manage the implementation of an institutional reforms programme which is aimed at providing equitable access to a system of high quality public services and decentralized governance.
PAK/96/011 -- Supporting Democratic Electoral Process in Pakistan: The PA will initiate activities to make the mainstream political process more open, democratic and inclusive of both genders. The focus will be on preparing for substantial strengthening of electoral process and on the issues of gender parity in the mainstream of political system.
PAK/97/019 -- Institutional Support to Social Action Programme: The purpose of this PA is to address the governance and community aspects of SAP by strengthening the capacities of the Federal SAP Secretariat and the SAP Multi-Donor Support Unit.
PAK/96/021 -- Trial District Management Project, Balochistan: This project, which is in its final approval stage, aims at institutionalizing decentralized governance on pilot basis in two districts of Balochistan province. The project objectives include: (1) Provincial policy reforms; (2) Institutional capacity building for participatory development; and (3) Community participation in planning, implementing and monitoring of local development initiatives.
PAK/97/010 -- Support to Parliamentary and Democratic Processes in Pakistan: The PA will initiate a process to strengthen the parliamentary and democratic process by building capacities of: (1) the parliamentarians to play an effective role in the parliament through skills building in parliamentary practices and constituency management; and (2) the parliamentary secretariat to provide technical and substantive support to the parliamentarians.
PAK/97/009 -- Strengthening the Geo-Information and Digital Mapping Capacity of Survey of Pakistan/Survey Training Institute: The project aims at strengthening national capacities for efficient digital information management that promotes delivery and access to key socio-economic data in support of sustainable human development and democratic governance. It will also assist in establishing standards and systems for digital data management.
PAK/97/011 -- Intechmart is a project that aims to organise an investors conference based on project profiles. Executed by UNIDO, collaborators include Board of Investment and the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
PAK/97/021-- Support to Government Information House: A pre-feasibility study has been carried out to establish a Government Information House which serves as a hub of social, economic, political and development information on Pakistan. This is an SPPD project.
Pipeline Projects:
PAK/97/023 -- Management Services Wing: The project aims at strengthening the capacity of the Management Services Wing, GOP to provide advisory services on public administration and management.