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Monday, February 15, 2016

12 major Straits of the world

1. Palk Strait Between India and Sri Lanka
2. Florida Strait Cuba and USA
3. Berring Strait Russia and USA
4. Bass Strait Between Australia and Tasmania
5. Strait of Gibralter Between Spain and Morocco
6. Strait of Malaca Between Malasiya and Sumatra (It also connects Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean)
7. Barents Strait Between Scandinavian countries and Artic Ocean
8. Dover Strait separates Great Britain from France
9. Bosphorus Strait Divides Europe from Asia
10. Strait of Magellan Connects Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
11. Davis Strait   between Greenland and Canada
12. Drake Passage Separates South America and Antarctica

Saturday, February 13, 2016

General Knowledge Quiz-4

1) What is the longest river in the World? (River Nile)

2) Write the number 128 in Roman Numerals. (CXXVIII)

3) This year the Olympics are being held in London, the last Olympics were held in Beijing and the ones before that were held in Athens, what year were the Olympics held in Athens? (2004)

4) Where does the British Prime Minister live? (10 Downing Street)

5) How many days did it take Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to reach the Moon after Apollo 11 had left the Earth’s orbit? (4 days)

6) What is the name of Shrek’s wife? (Princess Fiona)

7) How many sides does a dodecagon have? (12)

8) Which planet is known as the Red Planet? (Jupiter)

9) What is the object hit in a hockey or ice hockey game called? (puck)

10) What is the capital city of Spain? (Madrid)

11) Which river goes through Liverpool? (River Mersey)

12) What colour jersey is worn by the leader of the Tour de France? (yellow)

General Knowledge Quiz

1.     Who won the X Factor 2010? (Matt Cardle)
2.     In tennis, what is it called when both players have 40 points? (deuce)
3.     What is the capital city of Austria? (Vienna)
4.     Which band are Marvin, Oritsé, Aston and JB in? (JLS)
5.     Who plays football at Pride Park? (Derby County)
6.     What is the Royal title of Prince William and Catherine Middleton? (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)
7.     Who has just had a baby called Harper Seven? (David & Victoria Beckham)
8.     What sport does Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor play? (darts)
9.     Which is the closest planet to the Sun? (Mercury)
10.  What are GHD’s? (hair straightners)
11.  Name three Premiership football teams whose name begins with a ‘W’? (Wigan, West Brom, Wolves)
12.  Which city would you be in if you could see the Colosseum? (Rome)
13.  Which type of shoe is also something to do with a train station? (platform)
14.  What colour t-shirt does the leader of the Tour de France have to wear? (yellow)
15.  What country would you be in if you were in the city Bucharest? (Romania)
16.  What is Daniel Radcliffe famous for? (he plays Harry Potter in the films)
17.  Who is the manager of the English football team? (Fabio Capello)
18.  What do you call a baby elephant? (calf)
19.  Which English city does Cheryl Cole come from? (Newcastle)
20.  What sport would you be watching if you were at the Oval? (cricket)
21.  What is the name of the Prime Minister? (David Cameron)
22.  Name three members of Take That. (Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Gary Barlow)
23.  Which country won the Lady’s World Cup Final on Sunday? (Japan)
24.  What three colours are on the Icelandic flag? (red, white and blue)
25.  Who wore a dress made of meat to an awards ceremony? (Lady Gaga)
26.  What football team does Lionel Messi play for? (FC Barcelona)
27.  If you were travelling by Eurostar what type of transport would you be using? (train)
28.  Who sang ‘Never Say Never’? (Justin Bieber)
29.  What sport is Fernando Alonso famous for? (F1)
30.  How many stars are on the American flag? (50)

General Knowledge Quiz

1. Which side of your plate should the fork be placed on if you are right-handed? (left)
2. What do we call a sheet of ice that moves very slowly down a mountain? (a glacier)
3. Which two countries compete in the Ashes? (England & Australia)
4. How many children does the Queen have? (four)
5. What is a young wolf called? (cub)
6. Who wrote “To be or not to be, that is the question”? (William Shakespeare)
7. What types of creatures live in schools and shoals? (whales)
8. What is the outside of a cricket ball made from? (leather)
9. Would you expect to find Eskimos in the north or south pole? (north)
10. Who has the most bones, an adult or a young child? (young child)
11. How many people should be on the field during a football match? (23)
12. What will the day after tomorrow be if yesterday was Monday? (Thursday)
13. What present is given on The Third Day of Christmas according to the song? (French hens)
14. Do fish and insects close their eyes to go to sleep? (no)
15. What did the Ancient Romans call the carts that were pulled by horses in races? (chariots)
16. How many neck bones does a giraffe have if a human has seven? (seven)
17. What happened in the summer of 1976, it snowed, the Thames dried up or there was a severe earthquake? (The Thames dried up)
18. Which queen rules England for 64 years? (Victoria)
19. What did Alexander Graham Bell invent that is in almost every home? (telephone)
20. What season is it in America when it is summer in Britain? (summer)
21. What do the spots on opposite sides of a dice always add up to? (seven)
22. How many different events must a competitor in the decathlon take part in? (10)
23. Are dolphins vegetarians? (no)
24. What colour flag should people wave if they wish to stop fighting in a battle? (white)
25. Which has ten arms, an octopus, a squid or an ant? (squid)
26. Which seems to come first, thunder or lightning? (lightning)
27. What kind of creature is a cabbage white? (butterfly)
28. What is somebody’s job if they have a green flashing light on the roof of their car? (doctor)
29. Who was the tallest of Robin Hood’s Merry Men? (Little John)
30. Which famous duck will be eighty years old in 2014? (Donald Duck)