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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Exercise simple sentence by using the Nominative Absolute construction

Exercise 91.
Combine each set of sentences into one simple sentence by using the Nominative
Absolute construction:-

1. His friend arrived. He was very pleased.
2. The rain fell. The crops revived.
3. The storm ceased. The sun came out.
4. The troops were ordered out. The police were unable to hold the mob in check.
5. The holidays are at an end. Boys are returning to school.
6. The wind failed. The crew set to work with a will.
7. It was a very hot day. I could not do my work satisfactorily.
8. His house has been burned down. He lives in an hotel.
9. The king died. His eldest son came to the throne.
10. His father was dead. He had to support his widowed mother.
11. Rain was plentiful this year. Rice is cheap.
12. The secretary ship was vacant. Nobody was willing to undertake duties of the post. I offered my services.
13. The prisoner was questioned. No witness came forward. The Judge dismissed the case.
14. The sun rose. The fog cleared away. The lighthouse was seen less than a mile away.
15. He fired his gun. The ball went high. The tiger sprang on him.
16. The master was out of the room. The door was shut The boys made a lot of noise.
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