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Showing posts with label Electronic Q Ans. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  1. EDS is stand for Explosive detection system.
  2. Roentgen named X–Ray because its properties were so mysterious.
  3. X-Ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation.
  4. X-Ray can pass through material of low density and absorbed by material of greater density.
  5. In black & white mode various shades of grey colour of x-ray image reveal the various densities.
  6. ICAO stand for international civil aviation orgnisation.
  7. CAT Stand for Computer added technology .
  8. By pressing key O2 (organic only ) on hi scan 6040-I we can limit the display to organic objectis .
  9. CC Stand for Crystal Clear.
  10. VZ Stand for Variable Zoom.
  11. VG Stand for Variable Gamma.
  12. VDZ Stand for Variable Density Zoom.
  13. VCS Stand for Variable colour striping .
  14. IM Stand for inorganic Material.
  15. OM Stand for Organic Material.
  16. VEH Stand Variable edge Enhancement.
  17. The classification of material is carried out according to the Atomic Number Z.
  18. All conventional X-Ray machines are working with Fan shape Beam X-Ray Technology.
  19. In line scan 215/237, high dense material (more then 40 atomic number ) appears in yellowish green colour.
  20. Back scattered technology is used to detect plastic items.
  21. VCT Stand for variable contrast tracing.
  22. Tip Stand for threat image projection.
  23. Navigator function does not zoom the center of an image.
  24. IID Stand for improvised incendiary device.
  25. EPX Stand for enhance performance of X-Rays.
  26. We can get 4x zoom on line scan 215/237 system by holding zero button.
  27. We can divided high explosive into further two groups primary and secondary 
  28. In CTP Material Description test is used to check the colour scheme of XIS

Sunday, March 24, 2013


  1. If the image of bag is not clear then the bag will be referred for Manual Search
  2. IED stand for Improvised Explosive Device
  3. Plastic Explosive ca be shaped into almost any form
  4. Each image needs to be classified as no threat, potential threat or oblivious threat
  5. Potential threat will necessitate a physical inspection.
  6. KVP stand for Kilovolt Peak
  7. Screener should not work under time pressure
  8. The object represented in black, which can not be brightened up with image display modes always need a Manual Search
  9. While researching suspect object according to the safety instruction
  10. Explosive , poisons, gasoline and kerosene are dangerous goods
  11. Alcohol is a flammable liquids
  12. Dangerous goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or person on board an aircraft .
  13. Annex-18 tells us about dangerous goods.
  14. Fire works material comes in class 1.3 subdivision of class 1 explosive
  15. LPG Stand for liquid petroleum gas
  16. Kerosene is Alcohol are flammable liquids
  17. Magnesium, sulfur and activated charcoal are flammable solids
  18.  Uranium and radioisotopes are radioactive substance
  19. PRM ‘s Stands for Persons with reduced mobility
  20. Don’t stop search on recovery of any contraband items
  21. The atomic number of nitrogen is 7.
  22. The atomic number of Oxygen is 8.
  23. The atomic number of leads is 82.
  24. VDU Stand for Visual Display Unit
  25. SWG Stand for Standard Wire Gauge
  26. TSA Stand for transportation security administration