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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Exercise in Composition

Insert Articles where necessary:-
1. While there is life there is hope.
2. Her knowledge of medicine had been acquired under aged Jewess.
3. Sun rises in east.
4. The brave soldier lost arm in battle.
5. The doctor says it is hopeless case. .
6. I like to live in open air.
7. Get pound of sugar from nearest grocer.
8. Set back clock; it is hour too fast.
9. The poor woman has no rupee.
10. You must take care.
11. Eskimos make houses of snow.
12. Where did you buy umbrella?
13. Have you never seen elephant?
14. Draw map of India.
15. Do not look gift horse in mouth.
16. Have you told him about accident?
17. Tagore was great poet.
18. How blue sky looks!
19. Who wishes to take walk with me?
20. What beautiful scene this is!
21. The musician was old Mussalman.
22.The river was spanned by iron bridge.
23. Moon did not rise till after ten.
24. Like true sportsmen they would give enemy fair play.
25. They never fail who die in great cause.
26. There is nothing like staying at home for comfort.
27. He likes to picture himself as original thinker.
28. It is never thankful office to offer advice.
29. Umbrella is of no avail against thunderstorm.
30. I have not seen him since he was child.
31. For Brutus is honourable man.
32. Neil Armstrong was first man to walk on moon.
33. Man has no more right to say uncivil thing than to act one.
34. We started late in afternoon.
35. It is a strange thing how little, in general, people know about sky.
36. Scheme failed for want of support.
37. Tiger, animal equal to lion in size, is native of Asia.
38. Time makes worst enemies friends.
39. My favorite flower is rose.
40. Time we live ought not to be computed by number of years, but by use that has been made of them.
41. Mumbai is largest cotton textile centre in country.
42. Men are too often led by astrayed- prejudice.
43. Only best quality is sold by us.
44. What kind of bird is that ?
45. Wild animals suffer when kept in captivity.
46. May we have pleasure of your company?
47. It was proudest moment of my life.
48. Andamans are group of islands in Bay of Bengal.
49. He started school when he was six years old.
50. He neglects attending church, though church is only few yards from his house.
51. March is third month of year.
52. Dr. Arnold was headmaster of Rugby.
53. Man cannot live by bread alone.
54. When will father be back

55. Appenines are in Italy.

Exercise in Composition

Complete the following sentences by filling in a or an or the as may be suitable:-

1. Copper is --- useful metal.
2. He is not --- honorable man.
3. --- able man has not always a distinguished look.
4. --- reindeer is a native of Norway.
5. Honest men speak --- truth.
6. Rustum is ---.
7. Do you see --- blue sky.
8. Varanasi is --- holy city.
9. Aladdin had --- wonderful lamp.
10. The world is --- happy place.
11. He returned after --- hour.
12. --- school will shortly close for the Puja holidays.
13. --- sun shines brightly.
14. I first met him --- year ago.
15. Yesterday --- European called at my office.
16. Sanskrit is --- difficult language.
17. --- Ganga is --- sacred river.
18. --- lion is --- king of beasts.
19. You are --- fool to say that.
20. French is --- easy language.
21. Who is --- girl sitting there?
22. Which is --- longest river in India?
23. Rama has come without --- umbrella.
24. Mumbai is --- very dear place to live in.
25. She is --- untidy girl.
26. The children found --- egg in the nest.
27. I bought horse, ox, and --- buffalo.
28. If you see him, give him --- message.
29. English is language of --- people of England.
30. The guide knows --- way.
31. Sri Lanka is --- island.
32. Let us discuss --- matter seriously.
33. John got --- best present.
34. Man, thou art --- animal.
35. India is one of --- most industrial countries in Asia.
36. He looks as stupid as --- owl.

37. He is --- honour to this profession.

Exercise in Composition

Insert 'a few' or 'the few' whichever is suitable:-
1. --- public libraries that we have are not well equipped.
2. --- days that are left to him he spends in solitude and meditation.
3. Many Hindus study Sanskrit, but only --- Parsees study Avesta.
4. --- days' rest is all that is needed.
5. Have you got --- potatoes left?
6. It is a question of spending --- rupees.
7. --- hints on essay-writing are quite to the point.
8. --- months that he spent in Ooty did him a lot of good.
9. When I met him --- years after, he looked old and haggard.
10. --- short poems in the volume show signs of genius.
11. In --- words he expressed his gratitude to his friends.
12. --- Americans have their offices in Kolkata.
13. --- trinkets she has are not worth much.

14. --- poems he has written are all of great excellence.

Exercise in Composition

Insert 'a little', or 'the little' whichever is suitable:-
1. --- grain they had was damaged by sea water.
2. --- precaution is necessary in handling that machine.
3. --- care could have prevented the catastrophe.
4. --- influence that he has, he uses to the best advantage.

5. --- knowledge of French that he has is likely to be very useful to him on the Continent.

Exercise in Composition

Exercise in Composition
Change the following sentences by using 'less' or 'least' without changing the meaning:-
1. The mango is sweeter than the pine-apple.
2. Silver is more plentiful than gold.
3. This is the most useless of all my books.
4. Wolfram is one of the rarest minerals.
5. The wild-apple is the sourest of all fruits.

6. Iron is more useful than copper.

Exercise in Composition
Change the Degree of Comparison, without changing the meaning:-
1. Malacca is the oldest town in Malaysia.
2. Soya beans are at least as nutritious as meat.
3. No other planet is so big as Jupiter.
4. Very few boys are as industrious as Latif.
5. He would sooner die than tell a lie.
6. India is the largest democracy in the world.
7. Shakespeare is greater than any other English poet.
8. Samudra Gupta was one of the greatest of Indian Kings.
9. The tiger is the most ferocious of all animals.
10. Australia is the largest island in the world.
11. Lead is heavier than any other metal.
12. Some people have more money than brains.
13. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
14. The Marwaries are not less enterprising than any other community in India.
15. I know him quite as well as you do.
16. You do not know him better than I do.
17. No other man was as strong as Bhim.
18. Some boys are the list as industrious as Suresh.
19. Mount Everest is the highest peak of the Himalayas.
20. Very few animals are as useful as the cow.
21. America is the richest country in the world.
22. It is easier to preach than to practise.
23. Iron is more useful than all the other metals.
24. Open rebuke is better than secret love.
25. The Sears Tower is the tallest building in the world.
26. Sir Surendranath was at least as great an orator as any other Indian.
27. Ooty is as healthy as any resort in India.
28. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Exercise in Composition

Supply appropriate Comparatives or Superlatives to each of the following:-
 1. Prevention is --- than cure.
2. Akbar had a --- region than Babar.
3. Sachin Tendulkar is the --- batsman in the world.
4. The pen is --- than the sword.
5. The --- buildings are found in America.
6. The Pacific is --- than any other ocean.
7. Which of the two girls has the --- dress?
8. Honour is --- to him than life.
9. This pen is --- than the other.
10. Who is the --- boy in the class ?
11. The Eiffel Tower is --- than Qutab Minar.
12. My uncle is --- than my father.
13. The multi-millionaire Mr. Sen is the --- in this town.
14. Wordsworth is a --- poet than Cowper.
15. Balu is the --- bowler in the eleven.
16. The streets of Mumbai are --- than those of Ahmedabad.
17. Ooty is --- than Chennai.
18. The piano was knocked down to the --- bidder.
19. Mount Everest is the --- peak of the Himalayas.
20. He writes a --- hand than his brother.
21. He writes the --- hand in his class.
22. He is one of the --- speakers in Punjab.
23. Who was the --- general, Alexander or Caesar?
24. The --- fables are those attributed to j45sop.
25. The Arabian Nights is perhaps the --- story-book,
26. Shakespeare is --- than any other English poet.
27. Of all countries, China has the --- population in the world.
28. Clouds float in the sky because they are --- than the air.
29. There are two ways of doing the sum, but this one is the ---.
30. It is good to be clever, but it is --- to be industrious.
31. This is the --- of my two sons.

32. This is the --- that I can do?

Exercise in Composition

Exercise in Composition 
Form Adjectives from the following Nouns:
[Attach each Adjective to a suitable noun.]
Ease, pity, time, heaven, health, wealth, love, hill, need, green, room, cost. pain, doubt, wonder, peace, child, prince, mountain, ridicule, picture, labour, wood, pomp, artist, progress, slave, contempt, tempest, sense, quarrel, I thought, hope, friend.

Exercise in Composition 
Use each of the following Adjectives in a sentence:
[Models.- A soft answer turneth away wrath.
His polite manners have endeared him to all.
Swimming is a healthy exercise.
A certain man fell among thieves.]

Happy, sad, industrious, lazy, big, small, soft, harsh, hard, polite, rude, wise, foolish, rich,
poor, young, new, old, long, short, quick, slow, strong, weak, handsome, ugly, clever,
dull, kind, cruel, healthy, dutiful, distant, certain.

Exercise in Composition 
Use a suitable Adjective with each of the following Nouns :
[Models.- A violent storm.
A long siege.
A decisive victory.
A populous city.
A devoted husband.
Storm, siege, sleep, victory, advice, blow, silence, hands, water, servant, flower, city,
artist, dealer, voice, husband, subject, child, king, dog.

Exercise in Composition 
Use as many suitable Adjectives as you can with each of the following Nouns:
[Models. - A narrow street, a wide street, a crooked street, a dirty street A clean street.
A deliberate lie, a black lie, a white lie.] Fortune, man, news, storm, health, noveh
progress, room, incident.

Exercise in Composition 
Write down the Adjectives opposite in meaning to the following:-
Courageous, many, wild, hot, lean, heavy, costly, barren, beautiful, patient, honest,

civilized, careful, strong, experienced, slow, friendly, cruel, soft.

Exercise in Composition

Exercise in Composition 4
Write the Collective Nouns used to describe a number of
(1) Cattle;
(2) Soldiers;
(3) Sailors.

Write the qualities that belong to boys who are
(1) Lazy;
(2) Cruel;
(3) Brave;
(4) Foolish.

Exercise in Composition 5
Form Abstract Nouns from the following Adjectives:
Long, young, humble, decent , cruel, bitter, strong, true, short, prudent, dark, deep, wide, wise,good,vacant,sweet,human,broad,free,proud,brave,novel,quick,high,poor,just,vain, sane, ignorant.

Form Abstract Nouns from the following Verbs:


Form Abstract Nouns from the following Common Nouns: