Thursday, May 16, 2013

The spin only magnetic moment of Fe2+ ion (in BM) is approximately 5

153.    The spin only magnetic moment of Fe2+ ion (in BM) is approximately
(A) 7
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 5
Answer:: (D)

154.    Benzaldehyde and acetone can be best distinguished using ______.
(A) sodium hydroxide solution
(B) Fehling's solution
(C) Tollens' reagent
(D) 2, 4-DNPH
Answer:: (C)

156.    Benzene reacts with chlorine in sunlight to give a final product
(A) C6H5Cl
(B) C6Cl6
(C) C6H6Cl6
(D) CCl4
Answer:: (C)

157.    By what factors does the average velocity of a gaseous molecule increase when the temperature (in Kelvin) is doubled?
(A) 1.4
(B) 2.0
(C) 2.8
(D) 4.0
Answer:: (A)

158.    Carbon can reduce ferric oxide to iron at a temperature above 983 K because ______.
(A) carbon has a higher affinity towards oxidation than iron.
(B) carbon monoxide formed is thermodynamically less stable than ferric oxide.
(C) iron has a higher affinity towards oxygen than carbon.
(D) free energy change for the formation of carbon dioxide is less negative than that for ferric oxide.
Answer:: (A)

159.    Carbon forms two oxides which have different compositions. The equivalent mass of which remains constant?
(A) carbon
(B) oxygen
(C) neither carbon nor oxygen
(D) both carbon and oxygen
Answer:: (B)

160.    Catalytic dehydrogenation of a primary alcohol gives a
(A) secondary alcohol
(B) aldehyde
(C) ketone
(D) ester
Answer:: (B)

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