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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conversion of Complex sentences to Simple sentences

4. Conversion of Complex sentences to Simple sentences
82. Study the following examples:-

Noun Clause
Complex. -- He said that he was innocent.
Simple. -- He declared his innocence.
Complex. -- That you are drunk aggravates your offence.
Simple. -- Your drunkenness aggravates your offence.
Complex. -- Tell me where you live
Simple. -- Tell me your address.
Complex. - It is a pity that we should have to undergo this disgrace.
Simple. -- Our having to undergo this disgrace is a pity.
Complex. -- It is proclaimed that all men found with arms will be shot.
Simple. -- According to the proclamation all men found with arms will be shot
Complex. -- He remarked how impudent the boy was.
Simple. -- He remarked on the boy's impudence,
Complex. -- How long I shall stay is doubtful.
Simple. -- The duration of my stay is doubtful.
Complex. -- Except that he hurt his hand, he was lucky.
Simple. -- Except for the hurt to his hand, he was lucky.

Exercise 79.
Convert each of the following Complex sentence to a Simple sentence:-
1. We believe that he is innocent.
2. It was much regretted that he was absent.
3. The consequence of his carelessness was that the game was lost.
4. He asked why I came.
5. He ordered that the traitor should be executed.
6. It is to be hoped that he escaped unhurt.
7. I do not know when I shall return.
8. We hope that better times will come.
9. The news that the enemy landed spread like wild fire.
10. That I was successful does not make me happy.
11. He ordered the police that they should imprison the rioters.
12. That you should be willing to believe this is incredible.
13. Whoever is prudent is, respected.
14. It is reported that our troops have won a victory.
15. All believed that he was guilty of murder.
16. Tell me what you mean by this.

83. Study the following examples:-
Adjective Clause
Complex. -- He died in the village where he was horn.
Simple. -- He died in his native village.
Complex. -- The moment which is lost is lost for ever.
Simple. -- A lost moment is lost for ever.
Complex. -- Men who have risen by their own exertions are always respected.
Simple. -- Self-made men are always respected.
Complex. -- They that are whole have no need of the physician.
Simple. -- Healthy persons have no need of the physician.
Complex. -- We came upon a hut where a peasant lived.
Simple. -- We came upon a peasant's hut.
Complex. -- Youth is the time when the seeds of character are sown.
Simple. -- Youth is the time for the formation of character.
Complex. -- The exact time when this occurred has not been ascertained.
Simple. -- The exact time of the occurrence has not been ascertained.
Complex. -- The son who was his chief pride in his old age is dead.
Simple. -- His son, the pride of his old age, is dead.
Complex. -- The place where Buddha was cremated has recently been discovered.
Simple. -- The place of Buddha's cremation has recently been discovered.
Complex. -- I have no advice that I can offer you.
Simple. -- I have no advice to offer you.
Exercise 80.
Convert each of the following Complex sentences to a Simple sentence:-
1. He sold the horse which belonged to his brother.
2. As I was unable to help in any other way, I gave her some money.
3. I have no horse that I can lend you.
4. The marks that were left by the whip were still visible.
5. This is the place where we camp.
6. The heart that is full of grief is heavy.
7. The reply which you have made is foolish.
8. The evil that men do lives after them.
9. Do you not remember him who was formerly your friend?
10. This is the needle with which she knits.
11. Have you nothing that you wish to say?
12. He prospered by the help he got from his friends.
13. They were advised by a clever lawyer who was a High Court pleader.
14. He is weak from the illness which he had recently.
15. A man who is dead needs no riches.
16. I have seen the house which belongs to Rama.
17. He was the most learned of the judges who lived at that time.
18. He died in the village where he was born.
19. The horse which is an Arab of pure blood, is very swift.
20. The smell which comes from this drain, is very bad.
21. Can he get no work that he can do?
22. Is there no place which is kept for bathing here?
23. The birds have no water that they can drink.
24. He shot a tiger which was the scourge of the district.
25. That is the book that belongs to me.
26. I saw a man who was blind.
27. This is the bottle which is used for water.
28. The chief thing that Wycliffe and his friends achieved was the translation of the Bible
into English.
29. I found the book which I had lost.
30. The boy who stood first got the prize.
31. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
32. People who live in glass houses must not throw stones.
33. The services he has rendered to the state cannot be over-estimated.
34. The place where they live is very unhealthy.
35. This idea on which he based his philosophy, is very difficult to comprehend.
36. I have no time that I can waste on idle talk.
37. A person who relies on his own efforts has the best chance to win success.
38. Here is a barrier that cannot be passed.
39. A person who has risen by his own exertions is always respected.
40. A boy who had been notoriously idle was awarded a prize.
41. Such men as you cannot be easily, disheartened.
42. A man who is industrious is sure to succeed.
43. He told us the time when he expected to arrive.

84. Study the following examples:-
Adverb Clause
Complex. -- The Captain was annoyed that he had not carried out his orders.
Simple. -- The Captain was annoyed at his not having carried out his orders.
Complex. -- You can talk as much as you like.
Simple. -- You can talk to your heart's content.
Complex. -- Everything comes if a man will only work and wait
Simple. -- Everything conies to a diligent and patient man.
Complex. -- 1 am pushing my business wherever I can find an opening.
Simple. -- I am pushing my business in every possible direction-
Complex. -- He will not pay unless he is compelled.
Simple. -- He will pay only under compulsion.
Complex. -- You have succeeded better than you hoped.
Simple. -- You have succeeded beyond your hopes.
Complex. -- When the cat is away the mice will play.
Simple. -- In the absence of the cat the mice will play.
Complex. -- He does not always speak as he thinks.
Simple. -- He does not always speak his thoughts.
Complex. -- A good boy will always do as he is commanded by his superiors.
Simple. -- A good boy will always carry out (or execute) the commands of his superiors.
Complex. -- I was surprised when I heard him talk so.
Simple. -- I was surprised to hear him talk so.
Complex. -- He was so tired that he could not stand.
Simple. -- He was too tired to stand.
Complex. -- If I make a promise I keep it.
Simple. -- I make a promise only to keep it.
Complex. -- As the war was ended, the soldiers returned.
Simple. -- The war being ended, the soldiers returned.
Complex. -- While there is life there is hope
Simple. -- Life and hope are inseparable.
Complex. -- As. you sow, so you will reap.
Simple. -- You will but reap the fruits of your sowing.
Exercise 81.
Convert the following Complex sentences into Simple sentences:-
1. As you are here you may as well see it.
2. He was angry when he heard the result.
3. Does he know the consequences if he refuses?
4. He cannot go unless I consent.
5. You cannot always talk sense if you are always talking.
6. You never come here but you steal something.
7. The boy ran as fast as he could.
8. As it was beginning to rain we waited a while.
9. Although he has failed twice he will try again.
10. He made such good speed that he was in time.
11. Because he was ill he stayed at home.
12. As he felt cold he lit a fire.
13. Since I am unable to get much, I accept little.
14. He will pay you when he hears from me.
15. He was so tired that he could not sleep.
16. They rejoice that they are going.
17. I congratulated him because he had passed.
18. He can afford to be generous because he is rich.
19. As the hour had arrived they started.
20. Since I believed his word I did not ask for proof.
21. The dog jumped up when he saw the cat.
22. The horse is so old that it cannot work.
23. The tiger is renowned through all the countryside because he is so cunning and ferocious.
24. He was very angry when he had to pay again.
25. The longer we wait here, the darker it will become.
26. He is not so tall that he cannot enter the doorway.
27. When they heard the signal they sprang up.
28. As the truth is known, further lying is useless.
29. Wherever you go I shall follow you.
30. No sooner did he see us than he disappeared.
31. As soon as he beard the news he wrote to me.
32. Because you have done this I shall punish you.
33. As he was not there, I spoke to his brother.
34. They went where living was cheaper.
35. Wherever he preached the people gathered to listen.
36. She stood as though turned to stone.
37. We have come so that we may help you.
38. You will pass if you work hard.
39. He cannot see unless he wears glasses.
40. His father still trusted him though he had deceived him.
41. He is not so prudent as he ought to be.
42. It was so dark that you could not see your hand.
43. When the fraud was discovered, he was imprisoned after being tried.
44. He was so indolent that he could not be successful.
45. An honest boy speaks as he thinks.
46. Sit down where you please.
47. The larger the brain, the more vigorous the mind.
48. I shall give you my horse if you give me your silver.
49. We will do the work as well as we can.
50. Robinson Crusoe was puzzled when he discovered the print of a foot on the sand.
51. Though the sky falls, he will not be frightened.
52. Apollo was worshipped as long as the Roman Empire lasted,
53.I will buy it, cost what it may.
54. I am surprised that you should believe such nonsense.
55. Whatever you do, I will support.
Exercise 82.
Turn each of the following Complex sentences into a Simple sentence:-
1. It is terrible that people should die of starvation.
2. I was unable to hear what you were saying.
3. We did not go, as the weather was too stormy.
4. It is doubtful whether he will succeed.
5. He became so ill that he was unable to walk.
6. No one is promoted to a higher class unless he is examined.
7. He ran as fast as he could.
8. He said that he would come to-morrow.
9. Tell me where you live.
10. He confessed that he was guilty.
11. It was so dark that we lost our way.
12. Tell me how old you are.
13. When he will arrive is not yet known.
14. Grant me what I ask.
15. We hope that better times will come.
16. I insist that you should not go.
17. I shall remain where I am.
18. If you turn to the right you will soon reach the temple.
19. He gave a graphic account of how he escaped.
20. We went half-an-hour earlier, so that we might get a good seat.
21. He complained that he had been unjustly treated.
22. It is certain that he will come.
23. The Commissioner gave rewards to such men as deserve them.
24. I asked him why he came.
25. A child who has lost his parents is to be pitied.
26. They left at six o'clock so that he might catch the early train.
27. Suspicion always haunts the mind of a person who is guilty.
28. He went to Ooty so that he might improve his health.
29. A book in which were pictures of animals, was presented to him by his uncle.
30. When Caesar saw Brutus among the assassins, he covered his face with his gown.
31. John Bright once said that the safest place in England was a first-class carriage in an express train.
32. The question is so complicated that it cannot be settled immediately.
33. Had he been absent, the motion would have been carried.
34. The passage is so difficult that I cannot comprehend it.
35. We must do the work as well as we can.
36. Although they fought most valiantly, they were defeated.
37. If he wins the battle he will be crowned.
38. I wish to know the time when he died.
39. Those soldiers who survived have received medals.
40. This is a machine which is used for sewing.
41. He seemed very anxious that we should come.
42. The priests were satisfied when he offered the money.
43. You must be hungry if you have not dined.
44. It is time you went.
45. It is lucky that he came just then.
46. It is certain that he will help you.
47. You must write to me as soon as you reach Mumbai.
48. He gave away some books which belonged to his brother.
49. Can you tell me the name of the person who wrote the book ?
50. It is said that he died by his own hand.
51. While my parents are absent I cannot come.
52. This sum is so hard that I cannot do it.
53. As one man fell another took his place.
54. Work as hard as you can.
55. Drink while you may.
56. Such a man as he is should succeed.
57. The police know this from information which has been received by
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