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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The theory of fundamental rights implies

Q. The theory of fundamental rights implies
  1 Sovereignty of the people
  2 Equality of opportunity for all
  3 Limited government
  4 Equality of all before law

Q. Gandhijis first fast in India was in connection with
  1 The Champaran Satyagraha
  2 The Chauri Chaura incident
  3 The Communal riots in eastern India
  4 The strike of mill workers at Ahmedabad

Q. In his book "Hind Swaraj" Gandhiji expresses his views on Swaraj. To him it means
  1 Freedom from foreign rule
  2 Acquisition of political power by the sons of the soil
  3 Moral and spiritual awakening of the people
  4 Ability of the people to resist authority when abused

Q. The words "Socialist", "Secular" were introduced in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the
  1 38th amendment
  2 40th amendment
  3 42nd amendment
  4 44th amendment

Q. In Indian policy the Concept of welfare is reflected in the
  1 Directive Principles of State Policy
  2 Fundamental Rights
  3 Judicial Review
  4 Rule of Law

Q. Provincial Autonomy was a significant feature of
  1 The Government of India Act, 1935
  2 The Indian Independence Act, 1947
  3 The Government of India Act, 1919
  4 The Government of India Act, 1909

Q. Which of the following is correctly matched?
  1 Salt Satyagraha :1929
  2 Surat Split :1905
  3 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre :1921
  4 Non-co-Operation Movement :1920

Q. The most important feature in the economic measure pursued by Allauddin Khilji was
  1 market control
  2 foreign trade
  3 minting of new coins
  4 development of agriculture

Q. The era which is counted from 78 A.D. is the
  1 Vikram era
  2 Kollam era
  3 Saka era
  4 Salivahana era

Q. The earliest Veda is the
  1 Rigveda
  2 Yajurveda
  3 Samveda
  4 Atharvaveda
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